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Network of Excellence on uncertainty management in science for sustainability
Posted by Jeroen on Thursday, May 23 2002 @ 17:53:40 CEST
News and announcements The European Commission has invited for submission of Expressions of Interest (EoI) to help prepare for the first calls of the 6th Framework program.

We (Jeroen van der Sluijs, Andrea Saltelli, Silvio Funtowicz, Jerry Ravetz, James Risbey) have taken the initiative to prepare a EoI for a European Network of Excellence on Uncertainty Management in Science for Sustainability.

We invite you to join this initiative. A preliminary text of the EoI can be obtained from Jeroen van der Sluijs (j.p.vandersluijs@chem.uu.nl). The EOI has to be in Brussels by 7 june 2002 17hr local time by the latest so if you want to join in please contact me soon.

The objective of the network will be the integration of quantitative and qualitative approaches to the management of uncertainty and quality in science for sustainability.

In recent years, an increasing body of work in the field of uncertainty management has been accomplished in Europe, including methodology development, demonstration and dissemination.

Groups in the forefront of that work have already started to seek ad hoc collaborations as a first step to integration and to gain critical mass as a network of complementary expertise.

A number of useful formal (technical) and informal (participatory, institutional and deliberative) methods and tools are now available for assessment and management of different types of uncertainty as well as for analysis of institutional and discursive capacity in modern societies to handle uncertainty. Some of these tools address quantitative dimensions of uncertainty using sophisticated algorithms for sensitivity analysis and monte carlo simulation (Saltelli et al, 2000). Other tools focus on the qualitative and societal dimensions of uncertainty using methods of expert elicitation, quality assistance checklists (Risbey et al, 2000), good practice guidelines (IPCC, xxxx; Van der Sluijs et al., 2002), systematic methods such as NUSAP to assess pedigree of various components of the knowledge base, using self-review, peer review or extended peer review (Funtowicz and Ravetz, 1990; Risbey et al, 2001), perspective based assessment approaches (WRR, 1994; Van Asselt, 2000). All of these methods have utility for different aspects of uncertainty management and are to a large extent complementary. The challenge now is to integrate them into a coherent framework that provides guidance for their use and help against misuse.

If you want to join this EoI, please send me (j.p.vandersluijs@chem.uu.nl) the full name and address of your group together with a list of the names and specialisms (one or two key words) of researchers of your group (with minimum 4 years of research experience) that would participate in the network.

Please note that not only research groups but also stakeholders, ministries, environmental agencies and the like are welcome to join this EoI. Interested partners from outside the EU are also welcome.

Click here to find out who has joined so far.


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