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RIVM/MNP Guidance on Uncertainty Assessment and Communication

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The RIVM/MNP Guidance for Uncertainty Assessment and Communication has been developed under the direction of Peter Janssen (RIVM/MNP) and Jeroen van der Sluijs (Copernicus Institute, Utrecht University) as part of the strategic research project 'Uncertainty Analysis' (S/550002) at Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (formerly RIVM/MNP).

A brief introduction to the guidance instruments can be downloaded here.

The RIVM/MNP Guidance for Uncertainty Assessment and Communication Series contains the following volumes that can be downloaded here:

1. Mini-Checklist & Quickscan Questionnaire, A.C. Petersen, P.H.M. Janssen, J.P. van der Sluijs et al., RIVM/MNP, 2003
Also available in Dutch.

2. Quickscan Hints & Actions List, P. H. M. Janssen, A. C. Petersen, J. P. van der Sluijs et al., RIVM/MNP, 2003
Also avaliable in Dutch.

3. Detailed Guidance, J. P. van der Sluijs, J. S. Risbey et al., Utrecht University, 2003

4. Tool Catalogue for Uncertainty Assessment, J.P. van der Sluijs, P.H.M. Janssen, A.C. Petersen, P. Kloprogge, J.S. Risbey, W. Tuinstra, J.R. Ravetz, 2004.

5. Guidance for uncertainty assessment and communication: checklist for uncertainty in spatial information and visualising spatial uncertainty. H. Visser, A.C. Petersen, A.H.W. Beusen, P.S.C. Heuberger, P.H.M. Janssen (2006).
Also avaliable in Dutch.

6. Styleguide for Uncertainty Communication. J.A. Wardekker, P. Kloprogge, A.C. Petersen, P.H.M. Janssen, and J.P. van der Sluijs (in press).

7.Uncertainty Communication: Issues and Good Practice P. Kloprogge, J.P. van der Sluijs and J.A. Wardekker (2007)

An interactive web application of the Guidance for Uncertainty Assessment and Communication based on the published paper version is also available. All components of the Guidance (Mini-Checklist, Quickscan, Detailed Guidance and Tool Catalogue) are available in this application. A demonstration case is also available.

Published journal articles on the guidance can be found here:


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