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Terms Definitions
GIGO Literally, Garbage In, Garbage Out, typically referring to the fact that outputs from models are only as good as the inputs. Ravetz (following Andy Stirling) has formulated gigo as: Do the uncertainties in the inputs need to be suppressed lest the outputs become indeterminate? Ravetz notes that a symptom of gigo is that as the accuracy of quantitative inputs goes down, the precision of numerical outputs goes up. A variant formulation is "Garbage In, Gospel Out" referring to a tendency to put faith in computer outputs regardless of the quality of the inputs.
Global sensitivity analysis Global sensitivity analysis is a combination of sensitivity and uncertainty analysis in which "a neighbourhood of alternative assumptions is selected and the corresponding interval of inferences is identified. Conclusions are judged to be sturdy only if the neighbourhood of assumptions is wide enough to be credible and the corresponding interval of inferences is narrow enough to be useful". Leamer (1990) quoted in Saltelli (2001).
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