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Terms Definitions
Aggregation Aggregation is the joining of more or less equivalent elements. Aggregation can take place across different scale-dimensions, leading to different resolutions on these scales. The most relevant scale dimensions in environmental assessment are: temporal scale (e.g. diurnal; seasonal; annual; century), spatial scale (e.g. local; regional; continental; global), and systemic scales (e.g. individual plants; ecosystems; terrestrial biosphere).
Aggregation error Aggregation error arises from the scaling up or scaling down of variables to meet a required aggregation level. In cases of non-additive variables the scaling-up or scaling-down relations are always to a certain degree arbitrary.
Assessment Assessment is a process that connects knowledge and action (both directions) regarding a problem. Assessment comprises the analysis and review of knowledge for the purpose of helping someone in a position of responsibility to evaluate possible actions or think about a problem. Assessment usually does not mean doing new research. Assessment means assembling, summarizing, organizing, interpreting, and possibly reconciling pieces of existing knowledge, and communicating them so that they are relevant and helpful to an intelligent but inexpert policy-maker or other actor involved in the problem at hand.
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