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Utrecht University to start Master Sustainable Development
Posted by Jeroen on Tuesday, May 28 2002 @ 16:30:55 BST
News and announcements September 2002, the Master programme Sustainable Development at Utrecht University will start. This Master programme offers three different study paths. One of them is Energy and Resources, which aims specifically at energy and material issues and has the ambition of educating a new generation of experts in the energy field.

The Master programme Energy and Resources focuses on the analysis of energy and material systems: What do their production and use look like? How do they develop through time? What will be future technical possibilities? Emphasis will be placed on possibilities and impossibilities to influence developments of energy and material systems. Besides that, there will be specific courses that aim at gaining deeper knowledge of natural science, for example in the field of energy conversions or lifecycle analysis. Moreover, courses will be offered that will focus on gaining insight in the context of sustainable development. The course Topical Matters, for instance, teaches students how to operate on a high level in an interdisciplinary group in order to solve a topical, socially relevant problem.

The Master programme of Sustainable Development is intended for bachelor students with a background in natural science or technology. The programme will have an international character and foreign students are welcomed. The new Master programme concurs with the University's mission to contribute to sustainable development in the world and meets the increasing demand for experts in the field of energy. The programme will be offered by the Copernicus Institute, which unites scientific research within Utrecht University on energy and environmental issues. The study path Energy and Resources will start September 2002. The two other study paths, Land-use, Environment and Biodiversity and Environmental Policy and Management will start September 2003.

More information can be obtained from:
drs. Martijn Rietbergen, co-ordinator Energy and Resources, m.g.rietbergen@chem.uu.nl, tel. +31 30 - 253 7637
Prof. dr. Kornelis Blok, programme leader, k.blok@chem.uu.nl, tel. +31 30 - 253 7649
Or from www.copernicus.uu.nl/master


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