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Archived articles: Summer School on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output
Posted by Jeroen on Tuesday, April 23 2002 @ 13:42:42 BST
News and announcements

U n i v e r s i t y o f V e n i c e

J u n e 12 - 15, 2002

Simulation models are used in many settings and for different purposes. Knowledge uncertainty, uncertainty in observations, poorly known physical parameters, alternative value judgements can impinge on the defensibility of model-based results. The model X-raying offered by sensitivity analysis is useful to investigate how these uncertainty sources affect the outcome of an analysis.

Goal of the summer school is to make the participants aware of the state-of-the-art methods in sensitivity analysis, to stimulate the flow of new ideas, and to suggest new research directions. Most of the methodological advances in the field of sensitivity analysis will be covered.

Application case studies will cover environmental appraisal and decision-making, financial risk, performance indicators for integrated environmental/transportation policy, short-term time series analysis in econometrics, physics, macro-economy, etc.

Hands-on sessions will use software packages (SIMLAB (JRC), GLUE (Lancaster University - JRC), UNICORN (TU Delft), CAPTAIN Matlab Toolbox (CRES, Lancaster, UK)) to show how sensitivity analysis can be used to supply transparent pictures of the state-of-quality of model-based results and can be beneficial to their defensibility.

Registration forms and program are available at: http://www.jrc.cec.eu.int/uasa/evt-samo2002.asp

SAMO 2002 is partially funded through the IST program of the DG Information Society of the European Commission, KD-net project

For further information please contact:
Stefano Tarantola, Ph.D.
Technological and Economic Risk Management Unit
Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen
JRC - Ispra Site
I-21020 Ispra (VA)

Tel: +39-0332-789928
Sec: +39-0332-789686
Fax: +39-0332-785733

Corporate web-site:
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Web and forum on sensitivity analysis:
Summer School 2002 on Sensitivity Analysis
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ftp isis-gs.jrc.it



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